Frequently asked questions.

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GamblingTec questions

Who is

Sunseven NV t/a is a Curacao based online gambling and investment company, formed in 2006 and offering licensing, hosting and game development styled services to its customers.

What does offer?

The company provides technical, administrative, hardware, software, design and development services to gambling enterprises.

Player questions

I played on X casino but note that I get email?

X Casino is integrated into our Platform which is a GamblingTec product.

How do I make a deposit into a casino?

Each casino uses for authentication and deposits.

What is the payment descriptor for payments?

Payment descriptor will either be, GTEC or Sunseven NV.

Casino operators

I want to setup a casino, how do I get going?

We have a number of options available to you, please contact us via our support desk to discuss your needs.

Why do I need to host my casino with you?

There are certain legal requirements which require hosting with us.

Game developers

I want to operate my game under a gambling license

To offer your game under license will require three things. Firstly acceptance of the game by the regulator, game certification and finally a gambling license. We can assist you with the process.

Does my game need certification?

Before any game can be offered to end users, it will need to be certified if it uses an RNG of any kind. We can assist you with this by taking you through the certification process.

I have invented my own game, can it be certified and licensed?

If your game passes regulator scruitiny, it can be certified and licensed.